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From "Steven Parkes" <>
Subject RE: releases
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 19:19:17 GMT
	Therefore, while this work is in progress, it's all done via
patches in JIRA,
	and people's local repositories.

This is pretty close to a separate "payloads" branch. That just provides
a shared branch, should the number of people working on that code line
require it for better communication/interactivity than patches in Jira
would provide.

Two observations:

* "typically not that many big changes being worked on in parallel":
this can become cause rather than effect. Not saying it is, just
something to look out for. If there is sufficient need and community
interest, I'm hoping we'd facilitate whatever people wanted to

* "Lucene is pretty mature": I think people see the good side of this,
and I do too, but there can be a darker side to it. Is there a reason
why a lot of (cool) big things couldn't be going on? It could, of
course, be lack of community interest, which is fine. But is there
actually a reluctance to make changes to Lucene? I suppose the community
could be such that people thought Lucene had met its goals and didn't
need much change. I personally don't see it that way: to me, when you
have a solid piece of code, it at least potentially means you've
produced a base on which a lot of even cooler stuff can be launched.

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