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From Ryan Heinen <>
Subject Re: Searching with "1"
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 16:30:17 GMT
djd0383 wrote:
> After thinking through what was happening in Hits, I decided to see if
> catching a general exception would come back with anything.  Although it can
> be argued that the code should have been doing this all along, that is a
> different story.
> So, I added Exception to the catch clauses, and it in fact catch the
> TooManyClauses which allowed me to solve to problem.  My point though is
> that if the code was to throw this exception and require me to catch it,
> this problem would have fixed for me and potentially others as they are
> writting the code.  As an Eclipse user, it is nice when I create a try/catch
> that it puts in all the required catches from the code within the try.  If
> you were to physically throw this exception, my try would have built the
> catch when we created it, or at least errored that we needed it.  I was just
> curious why you were not throwing it?

My guess is that you are asking why TooManyClauses is not a checked 
exception. I'm not really sure why the decision was made to make it 
unchecked, but for a queries that will definitely not throw that 
exception it reduces the amount of clutter/extra code that needs to be 
written. There are, however, many debates about the merits of using 
checked vs unchecked exceptions.

Hopefully this comment clarifies the question at least.


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