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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: releases
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 19:27:17 GMT
: 	commited to) and have new (optional) fields indicating what FV
: has been
: 	used for in the past:
: 	  How significant is are the changes resulting from this issue?
: 	    A - major bug fix; no api changes; should be put into an
: X.Y.Z
: 	        releases ASAP
: 	    B - minor bug fix or new functionality; only backwards
: compatible api
: 	        changes, should be included in the next X.Y.0 release
: 	    C - major functionality change; significant API changes,
: requires a
: 	        new X.0 release.
: Hmmm ... this is starting to sound familiar. Is A the same thing as
: Critical/Bug and B {Major/Minor/Trivial}/Bug?
: Don't know about C. There's also Affects Version/s, so C could be New
: Feature/AV/s = 3.0?

The issue of bug "severity" and patch "impact" are really orthoginal ...
there could be a "Critical" bug that can only be fixed by making a
non backwards compatible change to the index file format, which would have
to be treated as "C" in my example cases.


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