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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Lucene nightly build failure
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2006 00:52:22 GMT

:     [javac] /tmp/lucene-nightly/src/java/org/apache/lucene/queryParser/
cannot resolve symbol
:     [javac] symbol  : method toChars (int,char[],int)
:     [javac] location: class java.lang.Character
:     [javac]           length += Character.toChars(codePoint, output, length);

...hmm, that method seems to only be in java 1.5, hopefully someone that
understands code points can step up and change it to something 1.4 safe?

Perosnally, I'm really confused as to why the trunk builds cleanly with a
1.5 javac right now, since it's clearly using -source 1.4 and -target 1.4

Hmmm... ok so aparently "-source 1.4" only verifies 1.4 compatibility of
the language features, not that the java.lang.* class refrences...
...looks like we could use the bootclasspathref attribute of <javac> to
specify a differnet rt.jar ... but i don't think we can legally provide a
copy of sun's rt.jar for people to build with can we?

Looks like all the ocmmitters using 1.5 need to reinstall a copy of the
1.4 JVM and pay extra special attention to which one they are using for
the time being.


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