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From Artem <>
Subject want to commit -> new JIRA account?
Date Sun, 07 Jan 2007 08:21:37 GMT
Dear all,

I want to commit some code to Lucene and I guess I need a Jira account for that,
can anybody help?

It's a small addition to Lucene that significantly lowers memory consumption and
improves performance for sorted searches with frequent index updates scenario.
This solution supports only single-field sorting currently (which quite satisfy
my needs).

I faced a memory/time consumption problem on sorting in Lucene back in
April. With a help of this list's experts I came to solution which I
like: documents from the sorting set (instead of given the field's
values from the whole index) are lazy-cached in a WeakHashMap so the
cached items are candidates for GC. 

This is not quite a patch - no Lucene classes are changed, just a few of new
classes are added.

LazyCachingSortFactory class have an example of use in its header
comments, I duplicate it here:

 * An example of use:
 *  ...
 * //indexSearcher's reader will be passed to CachingDocFieldComparatorSource eventually
 * IndexSearcher indexSearcher = new IndexSearcher(CachingIndexReader.decorateIfNeeded(;
 * hits =, LazyCachingSortFactory.create(listSorting.getSortFieldName(),

I successfully use this approach for about half a year at my open-source project, sharehound
( The code can be now reached by a
CVS browser, it's 5 classes in subdirectories of

They (both classes, as a part of lucene-lazycaching.jar, and sources) can also
be downloaded with the latest (1.1.7 alpha) sharehound release zip

With best regards,

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