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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: want to commit -> new JIRA account?
Date Sun, 07 Jan 2007 14:07:00 GMT

On Jan 7, 2007, at 3:21 AM, Artem wrote:
> I want to commit some code to Lucene and I guess I need a Jira  
> account for that,
> can anybody help?

You can create a JIRA account yourself, but that does not give you  
commit rights to Lucene's Subversion repository.  Commit rights are  
restricted to those that have been voted in per the rules of the  
Lucene PMC (Project Management Committee).  A JIRA account allows you  
to post patches to the issue tracker for the community to review, and  
a committer can take it from there to commit it if deemed appropriate.

> This is not quite a patch - no Lucene classes are changed, just a  
> few of new
> classes are added.
> LazyCachingSortFactory class have an example of use in its header
> comments, I duplicate it here:
>  * An example of use:
>  *  ...
>  * //indexSearcher's reader will be passed to  
> CachingDocFieldComparatorSource eventually
>  * IndexSearcher indexSearcher = new IndexSearcher 
> (CachingIndexReader.decorateIfNeeded( 
> ())));
>  *
>  * hits =, LazyCachingSortFactory.create 
> (listSorting.getSortFieldName(), listSorting.isSortDescending()));
> I successfully use this approach for about half a year at my open- 
> source project, sharehound
> ( The code can be now reached by a
> CVS browser, it's 5 classes in subdirectories of
> java/org/apache/lucene/.
> They (both classes, as a part of lucene-lazycaching.jar, and  
> sources) can also
> be downloaded with the latest (1.1.7 alpha) sharehound release zip
> file.

I recommend you attach a patch file (after doing a local "svn add"  
and "svn diff > patchfile.txt") to a new JIRA issue, assigning the  
Apache Software License to your code, and include test cases that  
exercise the code.  That'll be the best way to get your code reviewed  
by a Lucene committer and possibly added.

Thanks for your contribution!


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