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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Lucene Scalability Question
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 20:11:58 GMT

: So you mean lucene can't do better than this ?

robert's point is that based on what you've told us, there is no reason to
think Lucene makes sense for you -- if *all* you are doing is finding
documents based on numeric rnages, then a relational database is petter
suited to your task.  if you accutally care about the tetual IR features
of Lucene, then there are probably ways to make your searches faster, but
you aren't giving us enough information.

you said the example code you gave was in a loop ... but a loop over what?
.. what cahnges with each iteration of the loop? ... if there are
RangeFilter's that ge reused more then once, CachingWrapperFilter can come
in handy to ensure that work isn't done more often then it needs to me.

it's also not clear wether your query on "type:0" is just a placeholder,
or indicative of what you acctually want to do in the long run ... if all
of your queries are this simple, and all you care about is getting a count
of things that have type:0 and are in your numeric ranges, then don'g use
the "search" method at all, just put "type:0" in your ChainedFilter and
call the "bits" method directly.

you also haven't given us any information about wether or not you are
opening a new IndexSearcher/IndexReader every time you execute a query, or
resuing the same instance -- reuse makes the perofrance much better
because it can reuse underlying resources.

In short: if you state some performance numbers from timing some code, and
want to know how to make that code faster, you have to actualy show people
*all* of the code for them to be able to help you.

: >>  I still have the search problem I had before, now search takes around
: >> 750
: >> msecs for a small set of documents.
: >>
: >>     [java] Total Query Processing time (msec) : 38745
: >>     [java] Total No. of Documents : 7,500,000
: >>     [java] Total No. of Executed queries : 50.0
: >>     [java] Execution time per query : 774.9 msec
: >>
: >>  The index is optimized and its size is 830 MB.
: >>  Each document has the following terms :
: >>     VSID(integer), data(float), type(short int) , precision (byte).
: >>   The queries are generate in a loop similar to one below :
: >> loop ...
: >>     RangeFilter rq1 = new
: >> RangeFilter("data",”+5.43243243440000”,”+5.43243243449999”true,true);
: >>     RangeFilter rq2 = new RangeFilter
: >> ("precision",”+0001”,”+0002”,true,true);
: >>     ChainedFilter cf = new ChainedFilter(new
: >> Filter[]{rq2,rq1},ChainedFilter.AND);
: >>     Query query = qp.parse("type:0");
: >>     Hits hits =,cf);
: >> end loop
: >>
: >>  I would like to know if there exist any solution to improve the search
: >> time ?  (I need to insert more than 500 million of these data pages into
: >> lucene)


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