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From Doron Cohen <>
Subject Re: FieldCache documentation/exposure
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 23:02:30 GMT
> : Guess there are no reservations on the subject; I'll enhance the
> : documentation of this mechanism.
> Sorry ... i'm a little behind on my mail ...

I think I know what you mean...

> I wouldn't go advertising it *too* heavily ... i think directly using
> FieldCache is definitely an "Expert" level thing, and we tend to keep the
> documentation on Expert level stuff minimal with the assumption that
> people diging in to that level will familiarize themselves with the code
> bit not just read the javadocs.

That's the "tendency" I thought I am identifying, but wasn't sure.

> that said .. i think it's pretty hard ot have too much javadocs ...
> inhancing hte ____ javadocs to explain what ____ is and how it can be
> is always good (wether the blank is field in with FieldCache or the name
> any other class) but i don't think we need to promote it heavily from the
> top package level javadocs where it might confuse people looking for
> info on the simple aspects of the API.

Sounds fair to me - so I'll just javadoc the class/interface - will do it
in an issue/patch, so any over exposure can be reviewed before committing.

Guess suggesting to use this in user-list replies would be considered "over
advertising", but too late at least for

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