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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: The JDK 1.5 Can o' Worms
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 19:18:28 GMT
Point taken, but not really what I meant.  :-)  I just meant 2.9 will  
represent a version of Lucene that is pretty darn good and that would  
satisfy the needs of people who just want the default install from  
some Linux distribution.  So, I guess I amend my statement, you will  
lose out, but that is the nature of software either keep up or be  
happy with what you have.  The fact is, there just can't be that much  
interest in GCJ otherwise it would be further along than it is, IMO.

Mostly, I see the move as a benefit to contributors/committers which  
will flow down to end users, but I do think it benefits our users as  
well, especially generics and the performance improvements that can  
be had from some capabilities like StringBuilder and the concurrency  
package.  Not too mention that I bet there are a fair number of  
people out there that have potential contributions in 1.5 that  won't  
contribute because they have no interest in backporting to 1.4.  Solr  
is a great example.  There are things in Solr that are general enough  
to make sense in Lucene core, but perhaps one of the reasons they are  
not is b/c it is 1.5.

On Jul 25, 2007, at 1:48 PM, Bill Janssen wrote:

>> As I said
>> before, people who can't migrate, can stay on the 2.9.  It will be
>> fast and pretty darn stable, so you won't lose that much.
> Hmmm... :-).  If you won't lose that much by staying on 2.9, that
> means that the developers who forge ahead with 1.5 would also not
> *gain* that much by doing so.  Might as well stay at java 1.4.2, no?
> Bill
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