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From Andi Vajda <>
Subject Re: The JDK 1.5 Can o' Worms
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2007 22:16:32 GMT

On Tue, 24 Jul 2007, Grant Ingersoll wrote:

> Well, it has been over a year since we have had the 1.5 debate (see 

> and I think it is time we start accepting 1.5 code. Nutch, Solr, Hadoop all 
> use JDK 1.5 and I imagine Tika will as well (and no, I wouldn't jump off the 
> bridge if everyone else did, but this is not the same.)
> At a deeper level, I find it frustrating to have to dig into methods and code 
> that use Collections in order to figure out what is actually in the 
> Collection, thus I want generics.  I want to use StringBuilder instead of 
> StringBuffer.  I think we could benefit from some of the concurrency stuff in 
> 1.5 as well.  I also believe all committers and all contributors are using 
> 1.5 already for there environment.  I would also _guess_ the large majority 
> of our users are on 1.5.   Now, I know, it isn't a big deal to run 1.4 code 
> in 1.5, but it is annoying for development and that is a big enough motivator 
> for me.
> I would propose we do the following:
> 1.  Put in any new deprecations we want, cleanups, etc.
> 2. Release 2.9 so all of Mike M's goodness is available to 1.4 users.  We 
> could do 2.4 and then 2.9 so that there are two more iterations at 1.4 if 
> people want a little more lead out time.   Still, I think the turnaround on 
> these should be weeks, not months.  That is, 2.4 is the last significant 2.x 
> release, 2.9 is a bug fix and cleanup release and then we move on.
> 3. Announce that 2.9 will be the last version under JDK 1.4
> 4. Switch 3.0-dev to be on JDK 1.5, removing any deprecated code.
> 5. Start accepting 1.5 patches on 3.0-dev
> Now, I think if there is someone who is really in dire need of 1.4 we could 
> work to give one or two people committer rights (after the appropriate 
> process has been undertaken, i.e. patching, interest, etc.) on the 2.9 branch 
> and they can be responsible for back-porting.

Agreed. The situation is frustrating. A year ago, I was hoping that gcj would 
be 1.5 capable by now. Version 4.3.0 has a new Java front-end that supports 
the new 1.5 feature but it's still going to be a long while before it's 
released. At least, that's my guess. Given that the fresh release gcj 4.2.0 
doesn't run anywhere but Linux - for PyLucene, at least - I'm currently 
exploring other avenues than gcj and I don't feel comfortable asking the Java 
Lucene team for another year of delay before accepting code using 1.5 

Thanks all for your patience so far, the time has come to move on.


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