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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Javadocs and Nightly Builds was Re: setRAMBufferSizeMB and DEFAULT_RAM_BUFFER_SIZE_MB missing from IndexWriter !
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2007 13:01:16 GMT
OK, I committed some changes:

I introduced a new page called javadocs that contains links to 2.x  
builds of the javadocs and also tells people where to go find older  
versions of the javadocs (pre 2.x).  This is now the main link from  

I moved the Nightly build javadocs links to the developers page  
(Resources->Developers) and put in verbiage saying it is an  

I also added some more Wiki links under the Documentation->Wiki to try  
and promote some more of the Wiki pages.

I also have some Forrest questions.  Does anyone know how to make it  
so that the Documentation page is the default expanded page instead of  
About?  Similarly, how does one auto-expand a section?  Ideally, I  
think we should have the Documentation page expanded, and all items  
underneath it.


On Dec 3, 2007, at 2:07 PM, Doug Cutting wrote:

> Grant Ingersoll wrote:

>>  contains the discussion on this from way back when.
> In that discussion I said that, "links to nightly builds should be  
> confined to 'developer' portions of the site".  That's not yet the  
> case today.
>> I think we pretty clearly mark the javadocs as being nightly build,  
>> but I suppose we could make the Documentation->Javadoc link  
>> explicitly say it, something like Javadoc Nightly Build.
> Links to unreleased software and documentation must be in a separate  
> "developer" section of the website.  Describing these as "nightly"  
> doesn't help, it just elevates "nightly" to an officially available  
> release to the general public, which it must not be.
>> Otherwise, we could replace the link there with a page that  
>> provides links to the various released versions and the nightly  
>> build.
> Again, nightly artifacts must not available from the same section of  
> the website as official releases.  We should have a separate tab or  
> menu section for developer resources.
> Doug
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Grant Ingersoll

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