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From java_is_everything <>
Subject Too ambitious : but wanting to know the exact procedure.
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2008 05:12:16 GMT

Hi all.

I have been going through a lot of Lucene tutorials; but everywhere what I
find is just how to use Lucene classes (IndexReader, IndexSearcher,
Analyzer, Field, Doc ......... list goes on).

Everything fine so far, but I still feel that all these "cook-book" rules
can be better understood and appreciated, if we get to know a little more of
internal technical details. Thus, we (I am sure there might be others who
might be having the same feeling), will be obliged if the Senior
Developers/Users could walk us through the following queries :

1) Assume that the user has called doc.add(Field.Keyword("group","basics of
lucene")), and a line later,
    writer.addDocument(doc). So much so is available in a standard tutorial.

    Now, we know since we are adding a Keyword, "basics of lucene" will
remain as such (i.e. no analyzing).
    Secondly, "it" will be stored and indexed. Now, the following doubts
prop up :

    1.a) What happens to "group"?
    1.b) We know that index will be searchable only via "basics of lucene" .
Fine. But how exactly is the 
           "storing" of "basics of lucene" accomplished; and how exactly is
the "indexing" of "basics of lucene"
           accomplished ?

    We wish to gather this first info. It may be assumed that we have a
reasonable background knowledge 
    of common data structures (trees, tries, lists, etc). That is to say, we
are more than mere 
    programmers (we are Computer Science Engineering Graduates Programmers).

    Looking forward to replies from some great people, who understand what
we wish to say.

On behalf of all eager people

Ashutosh Ahluwalia
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