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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: Ideas to refactor Filed
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 09:09:26 GMT

Good morning!

eks dev wrote:

> I have noticed the two potential enhancements in Field, and I am  
> not sure if I read it correctly, so better to ask before crating  
> Jira issue :)
> 1.. Field uses two methods to determine type of fieldsData,  
> sometimes with boolean isBinary; and sometimes with instanceof byt[]
> The proposal is to reduce it to one method, ether by removing   
> isBinary and using instance of byte[] or to replace one instanceof  
> with isBinary. I do not know which one should be faster?

This makes sense.  Is this for the binaryValue() method?  I would  
expect the explicit isBinary would be fastest.

> 2. Second enhancement would be to add length of char[]/byte[], to  
> setValue(...) methods e.g.
> public void setValue(byte[] value, int length)  //maybe offset as  
> well?
> This would enable users to save some allocations

This also makes sense.  I think adding offset and length makes sense.


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