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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject TestPayloads FAILED?
Date Wed, 14 May 2008 05:41:42 GMT

Is this just me?  I have not run unit tests in a loooong time and when I tried tonight this
failed twice in a row.  I don't recall any mentions of this on the ML, plus we are not getting
nb failure emails... just me and my laptop?

    [junit] Testcase: testThreadSafety(org.apache.lucene.index.TestPayloads):   FAILED
    [junit] expected:<[?]��> but was:<[�]��>
    [junit] junit.framework.ComparisonFailure: expected:<[?]��> but was:<[�]��>
    [junit]     at org.apache.lucene.index.TestPayloads.testThreadSafety(
    [junit] Test org.apache.lucene.index.TestPayloads FAILED

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