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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject 2.9, 3.0 and deprecation
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2008 21:02:32 GMT
So, we got 2.4 out of the way (thanks, Mike!) and we have agreed,  
pending build releases, that we are ready to move onto 2.9 and then  
3.0.  Our strategy for this is generally to mark in 2.9 all things  
that we want to remove as deprecated, such that one needs to address  
the deprecations in order to move up to 3.0.  In this case, we are  
also moving to Java 1.5 as the base.

I thought I would kick off the discussion with some areas of interest:

1. Splitting Index time Document from Search time Document per Hoss'  
ideas on a variety of threads in the past.  Something to the gist of  
having an InputDocument and an OutputDocument (and maybe an abstract  
Document for shared features) such that people wouldn't be confused  
about calling index time things on Document during search and vice  

2. Java 1.5  (who knows, maybe by 2020, we can be on 1.6!).  This  
means we can use Generics, or as I like to call them "Specifics" since  
the specifically say what is in the collection as opposed to the  
current collections where you can put any generic object in them. :-)

3. Michael B. is proposing a new Token API (but it's back compat.)

4. Mike M. is doing some new flex indexing stuff (but it's back compat.)

5. Is there anything we would need to deprecate now if we were to take  
advantage of 1.5 concurrent packages?

6. Local Lucene is of interest to a lot of people.  Does it require  
anything special in terms of deprecation? (me thinks not)

7. Same goes for the real time stuff, PFOR implementation, column- 
stride fields, etc.

8.  I think we should do a review of what's open in JIRA again and see  
if we can come to conclusions on any of them, such that going into  
3.0, JIRA is relatively clean.

9. For 3.0, what cruft from 1.x can we remove from the file format,  
since 3.x need not read 1.x format _if_ doing so is advantageous to us?

10. There has been some talk about changing how StandardTokenizer  
labels some tokens.  What can we do in there to deprecate?

11. Fieldable.  Ah, Fieldable.  I believe this is going to become an  
abstract base class, or go away.

I'm sure I'm missing lots of other things that we've talked about.  I  
figured I'd start the discussion, and then maybe we can put it on the  
wiki and then break it out to JIRA, or even just go from here to  
individual JIRA issues.

Personally, I'd like to push towards 2.9 in a fairly short time frame  
(in Lucene terms) of something like 3-4 mos, but that's just me.

Thoughts?  Please correct me if I misunderstood the process at all.

Forever Herding Cats,

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