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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: DOAP Error Report
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2008 17:22:23 GMT

Chris Hostetter wrote:

> : OK, I 'wget'ted the doap file into the directory.  Should take a  
> bit to
> : propagate.   Not sure what is up w/ it since we never had it there  
> before.
> actually, it looks like it was at one point ;) ...
> hossman@minotaur$ pwd
> /www/
> hossman@minotaur$ ls -al docs.old/doap.rdf
> -rw-r--r--  1 gsingers  lucene  2318 Jun 22  2007 docs.old/doap.rdf

This was my bad: I moved docs to docs.old and then repopulated docs.

I was confused (when releasing 2.4.0) because there was alot of stuff  
in there that looked like leftover cruft from before we switched much  
of the documentation to be versioned with releases.

In fact, shouldn't we move doap.rdf from /lucene/



It's that latter directory that has the sources for* 

> THe other thing that's a little weird now that i poke arround, is that
> this URL use to redirect to the latest docs on hudson and now it's a
> 404...
> hossman@minotaur$ cat docs.old/api/.htaccess
> Redirect permanent /java/docs/api
> I added a new .htaccess at the /java level that should (hopefull) take
> care of this, and shouldn't vanish/move the next time we have a  
> release

Thanks Hoss.

I'll update the ReleaseTodo to not mess this up next time ;)

Oh wait -- now I'm getting HTTP 500 for 
java.  Oh I see -- there was an extra newline in the .htaccess that  
confused apache.

BTW there's a nice simple way to test your changes, described here:

I used that just now to get the .htaccess working right.


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