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From Koji Sekiguchi <>
Subject Proposal for introducing CharFilter
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2008 17:21:53 GMT
I'm working on SOLR-822 and trying to introduce new classes CharStream,
CharReader and CharFilter into Solr:

CharFilter - normalize characters before tokenizer

CharFilter(s) will be placed between Reader and Tokenizer:

// CharReader is needed to convert Reader to CharStream
TokenStream stream = new MyTokenFilter( new MyTokenizer(
new MyCharFilter( new CharReader( reader ) ) ) );

and it does character-level filtering like as TokenFilter does
Token-level filtering.

I attached a nice JPEG sample for "character normalization" in SOLR-822.
Please see:

As you can see, if you use CharFilter, Token offsets could be incorrect
because CharFilters may convert 1 char to 2 chars or the other way
around. So, CharFilter has a method "correctOffset()" (CharStream
defines the method as abstract and CharFilter extends CharStream.
See SOLR-822 for the detail) so that Tokenizer can correct token
offsets. But Tokenizer should be "CharStream aware" to call the
method. What do folks feel about introducing CharFilter into Lucene
and changing *all* Tokenizers to "CharStream aware" Tokenizers in
Lucene 2.9/3.0?

Thank you,


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