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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Efficiently running a single test class' tests?
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2009 20:44:50 GMT

: which I assume is in seconds. So the great bulk of the "ant test"
: seems to be spent in various ant housecleaning tasks, trying to verify
: that everything is indeed built, and/or looking for test classes that
: might match the name "ShingleFilterTest".

Bear in mind, each contrib is built/tested seperately, so it's not just 
looking for every test that might match the pattern, it's iterating over 
each contrib and checking them all for a test that matches.

: I tried running
:     ant test-contrib -Dtestcase=ShingleFilterTest
: to see if limiting to contrib would be any faster. That came back in 5
: minutes, 27 seconds. Which is better, but still in the same ballpark.

what kind of machine are you using? ... because on my box that only takes 
about 40 seconds.

if you are working on a contrib, and want to just run tests in that 
contrib, switching to that working directory and running the targets there 
is always going to be faster...

hossman@brunner:~/lucene/java$ time ant test-contrib -Dtestcase=ShingleFilterTest > tmp.out

real    0m32.142s
user    0m17.744s
sys     0m8.074s
hossman@brunner:~/lucene/java$ cd contrib/analyzers/
hossman@brunner:~/lucene/java/contrib/analyzers$ time ant test -Dtestcase=ShingleFilterTest
> ../../tmp-contrib.out

real    0m2.450s
user    0m1.644s
sys     0m0.664s


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