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From "George Aroush" <>
Subject RE: Optimization and Corruption Issues
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2009 01:57:24 GMT
Sorry, I'm just catching up with my mailing list inbox, ...

Andrzej Bialecki wrote: 
> > 
> > I used the Luke tool from and it worked flawlessly, optimizing
> > the index in just over 2 hours. Problem is that my search cannot use it, and
> > the error states Unknown Format Version errors, or just plain nothing found. 
> You should be careful when using Lucene Java to modify Lucene.Net 
> indexes. I know for a fact that deflated data in Lucene Java is 
> incompatible with the deflater implementation in .Net, so it's easy to 
> create an incompatible index even when you use a supposedly compatible 
> version of Lucene Java. Perhaps versions around 2.0 still worked ok, but 
> no guarantees.

Can you please elaborate some more on this?  There was a known issue with pre Lucene.Net 2.0.0
where in some instances the index is not compatible with Java Lucene (sorry, I can't find
the JIRA issue, but search for "PRE_LUCENE_NET_2_0_0_COMPATIBLE" in Lucene.Net's code base
for details).

Other than that, there should NOT be any issues using Java or .NET Lucene to read / write
/ optimize the index.  The same warnings that apply to Java Lucene when moving from version
to version also applies to Lucene.Net.  This is a test case that I always run as part of a
port.  Also, a while back, (and I think it's still in production) I helped write a solution
in which the index is accessed concurrently by a Java and .NET Lucene 2.1.

If you are aware of issues, please bring those to the Lucene.Net mailing list for discussion.


-- George

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