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From Andrzej Bialecki>
Subject Re: Distributing index over N disks
Date Wed, 25 Nov 2009 11:40:52 GMT
Uwe Schindler wrote:
> It is technically doable since 2.9 with FileSwitchDirectory, where you can
> define file name endings as a filter to which underlying directory the
> requests go, see
> tchDirectory.html
> To have more directories, just use another FileSwitchDirectory as secondary
> and so on.

You guys are too sophisticated ;) I know some people have been using a 
lo-tek solution commonly known as symlinks - i.e. they put prx and frq 
files on an SSD and the rest on a regular HDD, and create symlinks to 
prx and frq. This works well with static indexes (no updates, no 
merges), and doesn't require code modifications in existing apps.

Seriously, though, I agree that FileSwitchDirectory is the way to go.

Best regards,
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