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From Anshuman Mishra <>
Subject Nested entity returns just one resultset, how to configure!!!
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 10:44:00 GMT

Hi Folks

I have a few tables like tbl_keywords(idTbl_keywords,idTbl_Parent_Content_Container, keyword_value),
tbl_parent_content_container(idTbl_Parent_Content_Container,content_title) and tbl_content(idtbl_content,
IdParent_Content_Container, content_synopsis ).

On the basis of search string, I perform a search on keyword_value and try to get corresponding
values from other two tables i.e. content_title and content_synopsis.
However tbl_keywords has 'one to many' relationship with tbl_content. My data-config.xml looks
something like below:

<entity name="tbl_keywords"
            query="select idTbl_keywords,idMaster_DCMES_Elements,DCMES_Element_Parent_Name,Keyword_Value,idTbl_Parent_Content_Container,Tbl_Parent_Content_Container_Content_Title
from tbl_keywords">
            <field column="idTbl_keywords" name="id" />
            <field column="idMaster_DCMES_Elements" name="idMaster_DCMES_Elements" />
            <field column="DCMES_Element_Parent_Name" name="DCMES_Element_Parent_Name"
            <field column="Keyword_Value" name="Keyword_Value" />
            <field column="idTbl_Parent_Content_Container" name="idTbl_Parent_Content_Container"
            <field column="Tbl_Parent_Content_Container_Content_Title" name="Tbl_Parent_Content_Container_Content_Title"
            <entity name="tbl_parent_content_container"
query ="select idTbl_Parent_Content_Container,Content_Title from tbl_parent_content_container
WHERE idTbl_Parent_Content_Container IN (${tbl_keywords.idTbl_Parent_Content_Container})">
                                    <field column="idTbl_Parent_Content_Container" name="idTbl_Parent_Content_Container"
                                    <field column="Content_Title" name="Content_Title"
            <entity name="tbl_contents"
query ="select idTbl_Content,Content_synopsis from tbl_contents WHERE IdParent_Content_Container=${tbl_keywords.idTbl_Parent_Content_Container}">
                                    <field column="idTbl_Content" name="idTbl_Content"
                                    <field column="Content_synopsis" name="Content_synopsis"/>


However when I perform a search on any of the string through admin screen I just get first
matching record from tbl_content and nothing else. I want all the matching records to be displayed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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