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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Solr JUnit test methods steping on eachother?
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2010 00:16:55 GMT

: That's extra time, and some test methods may rely on a persistent
: index across multiple test methods.  The move to Junit4 was not back
: compatible - test methods are not independent.

Hmmm... except they were totally independent before.

I'm actually amazed that our tests pass at all -- if every method leaves 
stuff in the index, then i would have expected lots of tests to fail 
because document counts on searches don't match what they expect. I 
suspect that we've just gotten really lucky: within a given test class, 
either the methods are only looking for hte data they expect, or they are 
overwriting the docs added by methods that ran earlier (by reusing 
uniqueKey ids)

: We could certainly have a little utility method that could be called,
: but I'm not sure it should be called by default.

but if it's not on by default then there is nothing to clean up data when 
another method fails which could cause other unrelated tests to fail: i 
can write a test method that adds docs, searches them, and then deletes 
them; but if something breaks the middle part, the deletes never happen 
and the left over data could cause a false negative in the next test.

This could be an argument for more distinct Test classes containing fewer 
methods -- but then we're right back to re-initing the core very 
frequently, which seems like hte opposite of what you want.

Personally, i liked knowing i had a garunteed brand new core before every 
test method, but if we're oing to reuse SolrCores then at the very least 
we should have an *empty* SolrCore before the test starts.


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