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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Solr JUnit test methods steping on eachother?
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2010 02:36:46 GMT

: > Hmmm... except they were totally independent before.
: Conversion to the new style is not automatic - older style tests
: (those that extend TestCase) run as they always did.

Hmmm ... i'm sorry, my mistake, i spot checked a bunch of tests and 
thought that everything which had previously subclassed 
AbstractSolrTestCase was now subclassing -- being more thorough i realize 
that's not true.

: There was a lot of work put into making them pass for those that were
: upgraded to the new style.

Right, of course ... when the change was made a bunch of tests would have 
started breaking and then those tests were modified to either make lss 
general assumptions or clean up the data that was confusing them.  that 
makes total sense.

I'm still at a total loss to understand how that simple example test 
method from my patch would have caused a problem in the facet.prefix test 
since it didn't even use the same fields.  my best guess is that the new 
index size caused segment merges to happen at differnet points causing 
differnet deleted docs to be (or not be) expunged when the test ran.  If 
that's the case hopefully your new "randomized" document creation code 
will also uncover this problem.


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