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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: RequestHandler / function Query with Cache-implementation
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2010 18:42:15 GMT

: Yes, it's really a lot. I am not sure whether an ExternalFileField-source
: would work faster than a SolrCache (a lot of the needed data is always the
: same, so it's okay to store it in an external file). However: is it really
: more performant to get the metadata from there? Did you make any experiences
: here?

ExternalFileField reads the data from the file once (per searcher) and 
then stores it in an internal data structure just like hte FieldCache - so 
it should be just as fast at query time as anything you might write using 
a SolrCache.

The one place where your specific biz logic might make a custom solution 
faster is if you know that typically only some small percentage of the 
values will be changing, and you have a fast way of getting those changes 
-- then you could have a CacheRegenerater that copies everything verbatim 
from the old cache to the new cache, and only overwrites the few values 
you know have changed.  (ExternalFileField has to re-read the entire file 
each time)

: I *think* SolrJ is the right way to get stats and other things about my
: index directly from the server. I just need to query them and store them in
: a cache**. That's all. I can reuse them everytime. In fact I only need SolrJ
: to fill the cache, if it is empty (or a special event gets fired).

Ah, i see what you ment -- you could use SolrJ for this if you wnat the 
logic to live outside Solr, but if you ultimately want the data inside 
solr (in a SolrCache) then i would suggest leaving SolrJ out of it and 
writing your logic directly as a Solr plugin.

: hours today to search for a solution. By the way - do I learn more about
: such special cases if I have a look at "Solr 1.4
: Enterprise-Search-Server-Book" or "Lucene in Action"? It is really

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure neither book has anything on writing custom 
Solr plugins -- it's really a niche type of thing. (although i have no 
idea if the upcoming LIA2 will cover this topic)

: **before I am going to start writing the first lines of code, I need to know
: about how Solr uses function queries. Is there a new instance of the
: function query per request, per Solr-lifetime, per...what??

the parsers produce new instances as needed, but the ValueSources that 
drive the FunctionQueries tend to be long lived (the most commonly used 
ValueSource is based on the FieldCache)


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