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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: [spatial] Rethinking Cartesian Tiers implementation
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2010 12:24:43 GMT

On Jun 30, 2010, at 3:51 AM, Chris Male wrote:

> Hi Grant,
> I'm with you in agreement on this issue.  The tier implementation has been functional
while people have remained within quadrants, which just happens to be the case with the US,
Europe, and large parts of Asia.  
> My concern is not so much that its broken when crossing quadrants, but that we don't
have the test coverage at each step in the process to verify that its working correctly. 
To get the test coverage we need knowledge about how its supposed to work.  Although we can
work on getting that, we don't have it today and I don't want to see Solr's support held up
any longer.

It being broken is pretty important to me.  It's the old broken windows theory.  Plus, I have
my doubts it actually works correctly even in a quadrant.  

> How much of the spatial contrib are you using in Solr? Just the geohashing functionality?
 I wonder because given that I have a whole stack of improvements for spatial pending, which
basically form a total re-write of the codebase.  

Right, I am going to remove the tile stuff from Solr and that will leave just the geohash

> Consequently is it not a better idea to deprecate the entire contrib, take what parts
we know are functional and tested, and create a first-class spatial module.  We can then explore
other options such as the morton number filtering I have, prefix queries for geohashes, and
all other exotic bounding box hacks I've heard about from Uwe and Robert.  And while we explore
these options, we can make sure they are thoroughly tested, and not overly complex before
we add them to the module slowly.
> This way people who are using the contrib successfully can continue too, and then we
can maybe drop the contrib from the 4.x releases.

Here's my proposal:

1. I'll finish up SOLR-1568, which has a few useful things that are added to contrib/spatial
in the way of distance utils.  
2. We deprecate contrib/spatial in 3.x.  
3. You start fresh with your stuff in modules/spatial on trunk and take the geohash stuff
and the utilities I added.  

The nice thing about this approach is you can get started now and we won't effect each other's
work and I will no longer be holding you up.

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