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From Michael Busch <>
Subject Branches for large patches?
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2010 15:17:29 GMT
Hi All,

When working on large patches, such as LUCENE-2324, I find it always 
troublesome to use patch files only to track progress.  Since branching 
in svn works fine now (since 1.5) I'd like to create a branch for 2324.  
The big advantage is that everyone can track progress much more easily 
because we get a full history on that branch.  And people who commit 
patches to trunk can help merging, because it's sometimes very difficult 
if you haven't followed that other change closely.

I talked about this with Robert, Uwe and Simon in Berlin, and they all 
like this proposal.

So two different approaches come to my mind:
1) branches/patches/LUCENE-2324/
2) branches/lucene-realtime/

1) We would have a dedicated place for branches that are used for 
individual patches.  Every committer who thinks it makes sense for a 
certain patch to create a branch can do in the branches/patches location.

2) Like with flexible indexing we create a branch for bigger features.  
E.g. for realtime search there are several open issues in JIRA and we 
could just use this single branch for all of them until we're ready to 
merge a stable realtime version to trunk.

I like both 1) and 2) and don't have a strong preference.  What do 
others think?


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