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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject Re: discussion about release frequency.
Date Sat, 18 Sep 2010 21:24:52 GMT
> it sounds like it only solves 'part 2: uploading'.
> i want to solve 'part 1: verifying artifacts are correct before
> signing/uploading at all'.

The "artifacts" are the identical .jar files put into a special
directory structure.  You have already verified they are correct --
this is what I don't want to loose.

I agree the RM does not need to be responsible for saying the pom
files are correct -- this can be checked by whoever actually deploys

> to me, maven is nothing more than a contrib with no unit tests.
> it needs tests so we know it is working.

The only way to 'test' this would be to have something that uses maven
try to load them -- I would happily add that, but have avoided that
since it opens the toxic maven hate hard.   LUCENE-2493 would make it
pretty easy for others to know if stuff is valid on dev builds.

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