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From Steven A Rowe <>
Subject RE: Changes Mess
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2010 14:11:35 GMT

> > Yet another way would be to declare the problem non-existent and screw
> > our users by insulting them with a honking great mass of changes without
> > any indication about what they are or how they are inter-related.  (You
> > won't be surprised at this point, I think, by my -1 to this.)
> Right, I'm one of those users (have been in the past and am somewhat
> still) as well as a former member of the PMC and so acting like I'm
> suggesting screwing them over ("them" which would include me) by simply
> suggesting that solving this mess in completeness is intractable so you
> just have to go with a heuristic (which I'd argue spending oodles of time
> on isn't worth it) is also a bit insulting.

I have to admit that I worded my response as I did because I was a bit insulted by your dismissive
tone toward my suggestions about making it feasible to use JIRA for release notes.

There is a constant tension between the level of effort developers put into documentation
and the benefit users derive from it.  My concern is that using JIRA to generate release notes,
without modification, as a means of reducing developer effort, could result in drastically
less informative/useful release notes.

> I suggested that JIRA can handle this. We're using it  in oh, about 2-3
> Apache projects I'm on and it's working great. If you think it's a mess
> for all the stuff you put in the email, great, that's your prerogative.
> I'm just saying in my experience it hasn't been that bad.

Would you mind naming these Apache projects?  I'd like to take a look.


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