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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject Solr pseudo fields in response
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2010 22:25:51 GMT
With Yonik's work on SOLR-2297, I figured i would dive back into
figuing out how we could do this....  I updated SOLR-1566 to compile
with trunk, but when i looked into really making it work, there are
some issues.

It looks like the APIs now support extra fields *BUT* they don't do
anything, and there is no clear way how to best make them work.  For
  TextResponseWriter.writeSolrDocument() includes a parameter Map pseudoFields
  TextResponseWriter.writeSolrDocumentList() includes Map otherFields

Any idea how this is supposed to work?

I see a few problems with this approach:
* this requires each format (XML/JSON/binary/etc) to do its own implementing
* only supports SolrDocument, not Document

BaseResponseWriter may be a reasonable approach -- it abstracts the
Document creation into one place.  It may have performance issues
since every document would get turned into a SolrDocument before
getting written.  This only applies to the docs that are written so it
may not be a big deal.

BUT BaseResponseWriter does not have any concrete implementation and
converting the XML/TextResponseWriter to use it is not clear to me.



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