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From Steven A Rowe <>
Subject RE: top-level README or similar?
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2011 23:40:14 GMT
> > -0 on the setup-ide-* standardization - I like the shorter form.  If
> > there were 19 different supported IDEs, I would agree.  But with just
> > two, what's the gain?
> i wasn't trying to argue for any gain -- just standaridization.  i wasn't
> overly worried baout what hte standardization looked like, but frnakly
> this seems like the wrong type of thing to be worried about having "short
> forms" ... it's all about the huffman encoding: "ant test" is way better
> then "ant build-and-run-all-junit-tests-recursively" but that's becuase it
> gets run by everybody over and over and over again.  If these IDE targets
> are things people will have to use exactly once when they first do a
> checkout on a particular dev machine (and as i understand it that's what
> we're tlaking about here) then why do they need to be short?  doesn't
> clear and self documenting win out in that type of situation?

Actually, every time there is a structural change, these things need to be run again.  In
the last week, this has happened three times.

> honestly, i don't care that much what they're called since as we all
> agree, we don't expect to have a lot of them -- it would just be nice if
> they were named consistent with eachother, and easy to understand (if that
> requires looking at the README where it's explained that they are for
> IDEs, that works for me.)

Also, at the top level, ant -projecthelp prints out:

Buildfile: build.xml

Main targets:

 clean                     Clean Lucene and Solr
 clean-idea                Removes all IntelliJ IDEA configuration files
 compile                   Compile Lucene and Solr
 copy-idea-files           Setup IntelliJ IDEA configuration files
 eclipse                   Setup Eclipse configuration
 generate-maven-artifacts  Generate Maven Artifacts for Lucene and Solr
 test                      Test both Lucene and Solr
Default target: test

(Hmm, I need to move the 'copy-idea-files' target doc to the 'idea' target.)


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