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From Chris Male <>
Subject Re: [jira] [Commented] (SOLR-2155) Geospatial search using geohash prefixes
Date Sun, 27 Mar 2011 01:03:54 GMT

It really should say: Added Geospatial Support, as it was non-existent in
> Solr before.
> Most of the work for adding in spatial in Solr consisted of improving
> things in Solr to make it easy to leverage the one spatial feature we really
> added: distance based functions and parsing support.  Everything else was
> generally useful things: sorting by function, poly fields, etc.  I started
> on tier support, but dropped it when I realized it was broken beyond repair.
>  The Solr stuff uses, IMO, the stuff in Lucene that works and ignores the
> rest.  I seem to recall Chris had said that once I got done w/ the Solr
> stuff he would do the modules work, but it hasn't happened yet.

> I'd say in 3.2, since it sounds like Chris did at least deprecate
> contrib/spatial, that we work to get all of this resolved:  spatial ->
> modules, function queries -> modules.  Naturally we should do it on trunk,
> too.

Just note that I didn't not do it out of laziness.  Actually pushing stuff
into the module isn't easy since there isn't much that can be saved from
contrib, and Solr's spatial code are predominately bound to function
queries, which themselves are very coupled to Solr and that there wasn't
anything like a consensus that they should be moved.

Chris Male | Software Developer | JTeam BV.|

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