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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Lucene and Solr 3.1 release candidate
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2011 02:03:12 GMT
: > glitch: it lists the Solr version as "" (which i
: > know means it wasn't regenerated with the forrest properties set by ant).
: This is wrong and misleading. As you see in this long and confusing
: string: 2011.03.06 was the date that I updated forrest, regenerated
: the site, and included into the release candidate. How much more up to
: date can it be!!!!!!?
: I did my part. I have no idea what this version string means but I

it comes from the ant specversion variable, which default to 
being date based (same thing goes into the jar manifests if you don't 
specify specversion when building, pretty sure lucene works the same way)

The way it gets into the solr docs is via a property file generated by the 
build (see the init-forrest-entities, it's setup as a dependency for just 
about everything) that forrest then reads.  the old release process docs 
were specific that the forrest docs needed to be rebuilt *after* running 
ant with the specversion set...

> # On the branch, compile the code and run unit tests.
>     * ant -Dversion=X.Y.M -Dspecversion=X.Y.M -Dmaven_version=X.Y.M clean test 
> # Regenerate the "site" docs per Website_Update_HOWTO so the documentation 
>   included with this release will reflect the correct version number (at 
>   the moment, this is specific to the tutorial) 

...but we could certianly improve the build.xml to try and automate 
that as part of the new "prepare-release" target ... using an <exec> task 
for forrest if nothing else.

And for the record robert: (allthough i hope you already know this)
You didn't do "your part", you've done way more then "your part" and it's 
been awesome.


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