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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Lucene Solr 3.1 RC1
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2011 01:45:17 GMT

: IMO, I think our source release should be what you get when you do a
: checkout from SVN.
: Building from source is more expert level, and one needs (minimally) ant set up.

meh.  i don't really disagree with you, this is one of hte points i was 
trying to make about wondering why we had two distinct source releases 
instead of just one at the "dev" route.  

my comment was based on the rc1 as it existing -- that the solr source 
releases didn't have any clear indication of how to build the forrest 
docs. (and in every past release, we didn't need any indication, because 
they were already included pre-built)

FWIW: if you do an svn checkout, you *do* get the pre-built HTML versions 
of the forrest documents...

...hence my point that it seemed silly we weren't including them in the 
rc1 src packages.

: As far as docs - I think most people look online first?  They would
: certainly look online if they didn't see anything local.

by thta same rationale, we don't need to include javadocs in any release, 
because you could always find them online (and if i wanted to be snarky: 
you could always go find the java source itself online too)

In any case: we don't (yet) have version specific copies of the 
solr forrest docs online.  the point behind having the docs in the 
releases has always been so that you had a copy that matched the copy of 
the code you were using. leaving the pre-built docs in the src release 
seems like a pretty simple and easy short term win.


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