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From Jan Høydahl <>
Subject Re: Welcome Jan Høydahl as Lucene/Solr committer
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 18:58:57 GMT
Hi all,

Thanks a lot to the PMC for entrusting me this role!

% whoami

I'm a hacker from Norway, soon to become 101000 summers old. Married to wonderful Hilde, living
outside Oslo with our cat Rosåsi (meaning "grey" in Arabic). I love snowboarding, kayaking,
travelling, working with immigrants and volunteering in my local church.

Started my IT carreer at age 12 programming Basic on the C=64 while my brother was playing
Then later 68000 assembly and C on the Amiga. Sold my first program around 1993, an AREXX
script for NComm on Amiga, helping people save money placing ads faster on the national teletext
service :) I've also programmed Turbo Pascal, C++, PLEX-C, ASA110, Python, PHP, Ruby, and
assembly for the HP-48 calculator :) Been a Solaris, Lunix and for the last 5 years Mac user.

Fast forward to 1998 when I learnt Java and helped develop Ericsson's first IP telephony service
way before JIT compilers etc. I became one of FAST's first Global Services consultants in
2000 in
the days of AllTheWeb™ and before they even had an enterprise search product. The search
consisted of a few C++ binaries; "findex" writing the index and "fsearch" searching it. Then
RealTimeSearch, FDS and finally ESP. After 5 years @ FAST I "committed" a software outsourcing
startup for a few years before founding Cominvent to do full-time search consulting on FAST
technology (or so I thought..). I played some with Lucene in 2006 but then picked up Solr
2009, and now 95% of the business is on Solr/Lucene and 5% on FAST. What a change!

I love Apache, Open source, the Apache License and the Lucene community. With more than a
experience from Enterprise Search and well over 100 customer projects, I've learnt a thing
or two
which I'm now doing my best to share with my customers and the community. Now hopefully more
that will be as code. One of the first areas I'm hoping to help is UpdateChain related stuff
well as Norwegian/Nordic language support.

Jan Høydahl, search solution architect
Cominvent AS -
Solr Training -

On 13. juni 2011, at 16.43, Mark Miller wrote:

> I'm happy to announce that the Lucene/Solr PMC has voted in Jan Høydahl as our newest
> Jan, if you don't mind, could you introduce yourself with a brief bio as has become our
> Congratulations and welcome aboard!
> - Mark Miller
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