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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Website API documentation "Not Found"
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2011 17:18:10 GMT

: This link appears dead (404 "Not found" error), Is there anything we
: should do about it?

it looks like this was broken when Jan updated the website the other day 
... he moved the old ./solr dir (that had a ./solr/api dir) out of the way 
to ./solr.old.janhoy and created a new one from SVN (but the api docs 
aren't in svn).

Not really Jan's fault though when you consider that it looks like he 
didn't have much choice -- the docs on updating the website say you can do 
an "svn up" but by the looks of it the dir that was there when he started 
wasn't actually an svn working copy, see the note he added to the wiki...

...i havne't really been following the website process that closely -- did 
it change at some point?  is it no longer suppose to be updated manually 
using "svn up"?  is the wiki out of date?  (The wiki also says the docs 
come from solr trunk, but last i heard it was being published from the 3x 

I just copied the api dir from ./solr.old.janhoy to ./solr/ so we 
should have a workarround once the site syncs.

A bigger question is short term maintence (until we're ready for the new 
CMS based site to go live).  we now have 2 "backups" of the solr dir...

drwxr-sr-x  5 rmuir   lucene  22 Jul  7 18:16 solr.old.rmuir.2
drwxrwsr-x  5 rmuir   lucene  22 Jul 28 20:56 solr.old.janhoy
drwxrwsr-x  5 janhoy  lucene  22 Sep  1 17:06 solr

...neither of which are svn working copies, so it's not clear when/why 
things were changed so "svn up" no longer.  

./solr.old.janhoy has a mix of files owned by rmuir and uschindler 
suggesting that rmuir created the dir (when publishing the site as a 3.x 
probably?) and then uwe updated it (when publishing the java7 warning most 
likelye) but it's not clear how uwe updated the site if it's not a 
subversion working copy.


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