Install the "daemon" Linux package. This one allows to correctly fork processes into background. It also creates PID files and set the user account on starting. After that you only need a upstart (e.g. used on ubuntu) or init.d script to start it on boot. Alternatively add it as @reboot cron job for any user it should run under.

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Arun Kumar <ak@novalnet-solutions.com> schrieb:

Hello all,

  I am a newbie to drupal.

  I am working on drupal commerce for an ecommerce site.Here i need to implement apache solr search for autocomplete of product search .

For this function , am running "java -jar start.jar" comand in apache-solr directory.

I need this to be automatic in server.We using linux/SUSE server.How can i start apache-solr automatically in linux/SUSE server.

Please provide guidelines to me.