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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject SOLR-3947, SOLR-3843 - lucene-codecs and Solr
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 05:36:03 GMT
SOLR-3947 was filed today and later resolved as a duplicate of 
SOLR-3843, which is also resolved as 'wont fix.' These issues are about 
putting the lucene-codecs jar into the solr.war.  I understand the 
reasoning behind not doing that, but I do believe that when you do 'ant 
dist' that the lucene-codecs jar should be created and placed somewhere 
convenient so it can be easily copied to an appropriate lib directory.

Currently the only way I've found to create lucene-codecs is to go up to 
the root of the checkout and do 'ant generate-maven-artifacts' which 
takes about ten minutes and generates a lot of things that are not very 
useful to a Solr admin.

A possible worry, no idea how likely it would be: This might start a 
precedent where people want another jar, then another, and so on until 
most of the Lucene universe is being created for Solr.


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