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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Solr patches for 4x - how to get committer attention?
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2012 05:24:14 GMT
On 12/8/2012 9:08 PM, Mark Miller wrote:
> Up to you, but I find pings in the JIRA issue best myself for the general case.
> But since you have started this thread, what is your list?
> If you have a pile, you might as well list them out and see if you can get catch some

I do have a pile. When I started this list, I didn't realize it would 
get quite this large.  I have been a lot busier on Jira than I realized!

I am curious about whether my Jetty8 deployment should remain on the BIO 
connector or if it should be changed to NIO. There has been a lot of 
discussion about NIO in recent issues.

Here are some issues and their descriptions that either I have filed 
myself or feel strongly that we need to include, broken down into 

Simple patch, fills a need, please consider immediate committing:
SOLR-2986    Warning missing for features that require stored uniqueKey 
- MoreLikeThis
SOLR-3918    Change the way -excl-slf4j targets work
SOLR-3948    Calculate/display deleted documents in admin interface
SOLR-4048    Add a "getRecursive" method to NamedList

I actually came up with this!  Others have made it better.  Is it good 
enough yet?
SOLR-3393    Implement an optimized LFUCache

Patch submitted, but I'm not 100% certain that the way I solved it is 
SOLR-3284    StreamingUpdateSolrServer swallows exceptions
SOLR-4143    setRequestHandler - option to not set qt parameter

Probably a real bug that needs attention:
SOLR-3923    eDismax: complex fielded query with parens is not recognized

I've always had a workaround, but I see the occasional mailing list help 
SOLR-1920    Need generic placemarker for DIH delta-import

Would be nice to add/fix, but not a showstopper:
SOLR-1919    Time-based autowarm limits
SOLR-2182    Distributed PingRequestHandler
SOLR-2728    DIH status: "Total Documents Processed" field disappears
SOLR-2729    DIH status: successful zero-document delta-import missing 
"" field
SOLR-3319    Improve DataImportHandler status response
SOLR-3458    Allow multiple Items to stay open on Plugins-Page
SOLR-3950    Attempting postings="BloomFilter" results in 
SOLR-3953    postingsFormat doesn't work on field, only on fieldType
SOLR-3954    Option to have updateHandler and DIH skip updateLog
SOLR-3969    Admin dashboard -- include cache/buffer memory utilization
SOLR-3982    No way to get current dataimport status from admin GUI
SOLR-3990    index size unavailable in gui/mbeans unless replication 
handler configured
SOLR-4053    metrics - add statistics on searcher/cache warming
SOLR-4132    Special log category for announcements, startup messages

Same as above, but probably not a well-isolated or trivial change:
SOLR-3333    Create an option that allows a query to be cached, but not 
used for warming

Not important for me, but might greatly help someone else:
SOLR-3958    Solr should log a warning when old healthcheck method 
SOLR-3972    Missing admin-extra files result in SEVERE log entries with 
giant stacktrace

Becoming increasingly less important as time goes on:
SOLR-2204    Cross-version replication broken by new javabin format

Things that I have mostly forgotten about:
SOLR-2889    Implement Adaptive Replacement Cache

Some quick notes about issues not mentioned in the list above:
SOLR-788 SolrCloud has put new focus on this.  Management really wants this.
SOLR-3979 will likely be fixed if SOLR-4129 gets committed.
SOLR-4135 is getting attention via SOLR-4117.
SOLR-4148 is known.

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