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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject RE: Several builds hanging pecause of permgen
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 07:27:22 GMT
Hi Mark,

> > I am sure, it's horrible slowdoop!
> It doesn't bother me that you say slowdoop or say that you said that hadoop
> was made by first year students on twitter - but I will point out it kind of
> makes you look like a dick - a community of people work on that project that
> is very similar to the one that works on Lucene/Solr. And I know you, so it
> doesn't really affect my view of you, but it's kind of unbecoming for a PMC
> chair to besmirch another Apache project by referring to it with a derogatory
> nickname.... FWIW - no real skin off my nose - besmirch away if that's what
> you enjoy.

My problem is not with Hadoop, my problem is that this is part of main Solr module and is
not in a contrib module (where it should live). It was committed without discussing about
all the integration problems, like test-only JAR files in different versions like we currently
have. I have nothing against Hadoop, but I feel like we should not use code that has a bad
design and is not platform independent (I am talking about the test dependencies only!). Isn't
it possible to test our code without using this MiniDFSCluster? This component also seems
to be the cause of the permgen errors: We need to tune it or replace it by something that
works correctly - also on Windows!

I agree the "slow" nickname is bad - the parts of hadoop code I looked at should be updated,
including the Cygwin requirement (MiniDFSCluster, UNIX Shell code). But the response time
to new issues seems to be low (see the Locale problems where you submitted a 2-line patch),
so I don't want to submit patches or issues at the moment.


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