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From Dmitry Kan <>
Subject Re: DISCUSS: First official Solr documentation release, plan to vote on wed.
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2013 11:08:00 GMT
Hi Hoss,

Could I have write access to the pages, thought to start by fixing couple
typos. Or should I leave them as comments?

Dmitry Kan

On 23 July 2013 00:32, Chris Hostetter <> wrote:

> Now that the 4.4 release vote is official and gradually making it's way to
> the mirrors, I'd like to draw attention to the efforts that have been made
> to get the "Solr Reference Guide" into releasable shape, so that we can
> plan on holding a VOTE to release the "4.4" version ASAP...
> Apache+Solr+Reference+Guide<>
> TL;DR: I plan to call a vote to formaly release this doc in ~40 hours.
> Please help out by reviewing/improving the content -- especially if one of
> the subtasks of SOLR-5036 is asigned to you (because that means you already
> agreed you would).
>         - - -
> For those of you who haven't been following along closely, there were a
> lot of hicups related to the Apache Confluence instance that slowed us down
> on getting hte RefGuide content donated by LucidWorks up and running and
> editable.  Some of those issues are still outstanding, notably because the
> ASF is still in the process of trying ot upgrade to Confluence 5.x, and
> that process is on hold indefinitely (See SOLR-4618 and it's subtasks for
> history) which means we may have to re-visit a lot of little things once
> the Confluence upgrade is complete.
> In the meantime the Ref Guide is in fact up and live and and editable, and
> progress has been made on two fronts:
>  * Getting the doc up to date with Solr 4.4 (SOLR-5036)
>  * Getting a process in place to release/publish the doc with each
>    minor solr release.
> There are 4-5 major additions needed to the doc to cover Solr 4.4
> adequately, see the children of SOLR-5036 for details.  My hope is that the
> folks who volunteered to help out in writing those new sections of the doc
> can work on their edits over the next ~40 hours or so, and then on Wed
> morning (my time) I plan to vall a VOTE to formally release this doc (i'm
> volunteering to be the "Doc RM" this time arround)...
> If you are one of the people assigned an outstanding doc issue, please
> speak up if you don't think you'll have your edits finished by then, or if
> you would like assistance with structure, wording or formatting...
>  * SOLR-5059 - sarowe - schemaless & schema REST
>  * SOLR-5060 - miller - HDFS
>  * SOLR-5061 - erick  - new solr.xml format
>  * SOLR-5062 - shalin - shard splitting review & new deleteshard cmd
>  * SOLR-5063 - grant  - UI screen for adding docs
> Even if you are not one of the people listed above, there is still a lot
> you can do to help out...
>  * Reviewing any/all sections of the guide looking for content
>    improvements that can be made (edit or post comments directly on the
>    affected pages as you find them)
>  * Reviewing the snapshot PDF looking for *general* formatting problems
>    that need to be addressed. (reply to this thread or open a Jira)
>  * Reviewing & sanity checking the process docs for how we will be
>    maintaining & releasing hte guide looking for potential probems
>    (edit or post comments if you see problems)...
> Internal+-+Maintaining+**Documentation<>
> Internal+-+How+To+Publish+**This+Documentation<>
> If anyone has any general comments / concerns, please reply here.
> -Hoss
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