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From Cassandra Targett <>
Subject Re: DISCUSS: First official Solr documentation release, plan to vote on wed.
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2013 20:42:55 GMT
I'm looking through the PDF and finding a few spots I didn't see
before where large amounts of blank text is getting inserted into the
end of a code block (right before the last 2-5 lines, like some sort
of widowing, even though what gets pushed to the next page would fit).
I'm commenting on those pages and keeping a list of them, but so I
don't have to write this idea another 6 times as I find these, one
possible solution that just occurred to me is to reduce the font size
of those examples - in the PDF they appear to be larger than the
regular text, so I think there's room for a point or two reduction. I
don't know if that will solve it, though.


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