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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Docs Needed: Getting Ref Guide in Shape for 4.4
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2013 19:15:16 GMT

As we ramp up for the Lucene/Solr 4.4 release, I wanted to remind folks 
that starting with this release, we have a Solr Ref Guide that (per 
concenssus in SOLR-4618) we will ultimately vote to "officially" release 
this documentation in PDF form. [1]

The only way this Ref Guide is going to be of any use however is if it's 
up to date and reflects the realities of Solr 4.4.

It took a while to get the existing content donated by lucidworks loaded 
into the ASF's Confluence instance (it was initially donated during the 
4.1 release), but fortunately Cassandra was awesome and did a lot of work 
trying to update the guide with major changes since then so that it 
already largely covers all of the key stuff up to 4.3 -- But no major 
edits have been made covering new features/improvements in 4.4.

This is where all of us need to step up.

Please review CHANGES.txt for things to document.  In particular think 
about all of the code you've touched in Solr since 4.3 -- then go review 
the corrisponding pages (if there is one) in the guide and see if there 
are any changes to be made.

In particular, these major changes since 4.3 almost certainly need new 
pages, or new sections on existing pages...

  * New Dynamic Schema & Schemaless related stuff
  * New Schema REST APIs
  * Admin UI Screen for adding documents from the browser
  * SolrCloud using HDFS
  * SolrCloud shard splitting & deleting

There is also a section in the doc on "Upgrading" that needs a new page 
added covering 4.4...

In addition, If you have some time to spare: If there is some feature set 
of Solr that you feel really knowledgable about that hasn't changed much 
since 4.3, please review the docs on those features and see if anything is 
missing or incorrect.

In particular, please note these guidelines, especially the part at the 
end about evolving away from using MoinMoin for "official" 

If you are a committer and do not yet have edit permisions for this 
confluence space, please see SOLR-4888 for info on getting access to edit 
pages directly (i'll doc this process more permenantly soon).  For all 
other interested participants who would like to provide 
feedback/suggestions for the documentation: please post comments directly 
on the pages in question, or reply here (or post a new jira) with 
suggested content for entirely new pages.


[1] The specifics of how we'll generate/vote/publish/link-to the 
"official" PDF releases of this documentation still need fleshed out and 
documented -- I'm planning to take the lead on this for 4.4, winging it to 
see what works out, and documenting it for iteration/improvement in future 
releases.  If you have comments/opinions please share them in SOLR-5030)


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