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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: for those of you using gmail...
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2013 02:02:40 GMT

: And seems that it returns no result for query:
: subject:"build 6605"  ANY_WORD_NOT_IN_TITLE
: Maybe for some mails, only title field are taken into consideration?

Ah ... interesting.  I wonder if maybe something about the content of the 
jenkins emails + the multipart/mixed wrapping done by exmlm occasionally 
causes gmail to balk at trying to parse the various parts of *some* 
jenkins emails (like maybe just he ones with multi-byte characters?)  so 
you are left with only the headers being searchable?

That still doesn't explain this descrepancy though...

: > regression
: >
: > I only get results up to Jul 2, even though there are many build
: > failures after that.
: A recent search got results up to #6530. Still no 6605.

mike says the newest email gmail will return from that serach is Jul 2, 
but Han, myself, (and if IIRC several other people) are all seeing lots of 
results since then ... just not all of them, notably the specific one 
Mike asked about ("Lucene-Solr-trunk-Linux (64bit/jdk1.8.0-ea-b96) - Build 
# 660" sent 13 hours ago)

ghost in the machine?


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