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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject DISCUSS: First official Solr documentation release, plan to vote on wed.
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2013 21:32:43 GMT

Now that the 4.4 release vote is official and gradually making it's way to 
the mirrors, I'd like to draw attention to the efforts that have been made 
to get the "Solr Reference Guide" into releasable shape, so that we can 
plan on holding a VOTE to release the "4.4" version ASAP...

TL;DR: I plan to call a vote to formaly release this doc in ~40 hours. 
Please help out by reviewing/improving the content -- especially if one of 
the subtasks of SOLR-5036 is asigned to you (because that means you 
already agreed you would).

 	- - -

For those of you who haven't been following along closely, there were a 
lot of hicups related to the Apache Confluence instance that slowed us 
down on getting hte RefGuide content donated by LucidWorks up and running 
and editable.  Some of those issues are still outstanding, notably because 
the ASF is still in the process of trying ot upgrade to Confluence 5.x, 
and that process is on hold indefinitely (See SOLR-4618 and it's subtasks 
for history) which means we may have to re-visit a lot of little things 
once the Confluence upgrade is complete.

In the meantime the Ref Guide is in fact up and live and and editable, and 
progress has been made on two fronts:

  * Getting the doc up to date with Solr 4.4 (SOLR-5036)
  * Getting a process in place to release/publish the doc with each
    minor solr release.

There are 4-5 major additions needed to the doc to cover Solr 4.4 
adequately, see the children of SOLR-5036 for details.  My hope is that 
the folks who volunteered to help out in writing those new sections of the 
doc can work on their edits over the next ~40 hours or so, and then on Wed 
morning (my time) I plan to vall a VOTE to formally release this doc 
(i'm volunteering to be the "Doc RM" this time arround)...

If you are one of the people assigned an outstanding doc issue, please 
speak up if you don't think you'll have your edits finished by then, or if 
you would like assistance with structure, wording or formatting...

  * SOLR-5059 - sarowe - schemaless & schema REST
  * SOLR-5060 - miller - HDFS
  * SOLR-5061 - erick  - new solr.xml format
  * SOLR-5062 - shalin - shard splitting review & new deleteshard cmd
  * SOLR-5063 - grant  - UI screen for adding docs

Even if you are not one of the people listed above, there is still a 
lot you can do to help out...

  * Reviewing any/all sections of the guide looking for content
    improvements that can be made (edit or post comments directly on the
    affected pages as you find them)

  * Reviewing the snapshot PDF looking for *general* formatting problems
    that need to be addressed. (reply to this thread or open a Jira)

  * Reviewing & sanity checking the process docs for how we will be
    maintaining & releasing hte guide looking for potential probems
    (edit or post comments if you see problems)...

If anyone has any general comments / concerns, please reply here.


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