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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject A reference to a commercial algorithm in comments - is this all right?
Date Sun, 08 Sep 2013 18:50:33 GMT
As part of a recent commit I cleaned up the comments surrounding the
clustering extension in the Solr example. As part of this I added
comments concerning configuration of clustering algorithms in the
Carrot2 framework, but also a helpers that refer to our commercial
clustering algorithm Lingo3G. They seem harmless to me, as in:

      <!-- Class name of a clustering algorithm compatible with the Carrot2

           Currently available open source algorithms are:
           * org.carrot2.clustering.lingo.LingoClusteringAlgorithm
           * org.carrot2.clustering.kmeans.BisectingKMeansClusteringAlgorithm

           See for more information.

           A commercial algorithm Lingo3G (needs to be installed
separately) is defined as:
           * com.carrotsearch.lingo3g.Lingo3GClusteringAlgorithm
      <str name="carrot.algorithm">org.carrot2.clustering.lingo.LingoClusteringAlgorithm</str>

I admit the reason I included these was not to promote the algorithm,
but to limit the number of support requests we get where users are not
sure how to modify Solr configuration to use Lingo3G out of the box...

Is this something that is ok or does it bother anybody? If so, let me
know and I will remove those two references from comments.


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