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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: A reference to a commercial algorithm in comments - is this all right?
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2013 17:26:20 GMT

: Subject: A reference to a commercial algorithm in comments - is this all
:     right?

I have no objections to the root of your concern: mentioning the
commercial plugin, and how to activate it, in the solr config comments.

In general though, i wonder if it would be simpler / more straight forward 
not include either the "Currently available open source algorithms..." or 
"A commercial algorithm..." sections in the example solr config at all 
and instead just have a shorter comment with a pointer to a URL (either on 
the solr wiki, or that lists the Algos and the FQN people 
should use to configure them.

That way there's less risk that the comment gets stale because we forget 
to update it, or confuses someone when carrot2 adds a new algo that works 
fine with Solr X.Y, but the Solr X.Y was released before that Algo was 
added, so its not mentioned in the comment, etc...  All of that can be 
updated on whatever page the URL points to indepenent of the release.

     <!-- Class name of a clustering algorithm compatible with the Carrot2

          For a list of the available values for the "carrot.algorithm"
          please consult: 


     <str name="carrot.algorithm">org.carrot2.clustering.lingo.LingoClusteringAlgorithm</str>



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