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From Müller, Stephan <>
Subject Patch proposal - LanguageIdentifierUpdateProcessor uses only firstValue() on multivalued fields
Date Fri, 29 Nov 2013 11:25:21 GMT
Hello list.

After discussing the thread "LanguageIdentifierUpdateProcessor uses only firstValue() on multivalued
fields" on solr-user,
I like to propose a patch to add the following feature:

LanguageIdentifierUpdateProcessor should use all (String) values of a multivalued field for
language detection.

By now, the LUP imlicitely only retieves the first-value of a multivalued field.
This leads to omitting any other values of such field. Furthermore, if for some reason, the
first-value is not a String but following values would be Strings, there's no language detection
at all for such a multi-valued field.

I propose this patch here, following your contribution guidelines. 
It is unclear to me if this scenario was just overlooked or if this was a conscious design

So, let me hear what you think of this feature. Maybe you are already working on it.
If not, I'm eager to file my (probably first) feature request and patch on JIRA. 
I have a working trunk checkout in IDEA setup on OSX and "ant clean install" claims "SUCCESS".

Looking forward to hear from you!

Stephan - srm

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