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From "Steve Rowe (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Commented] (SOLR-5965) Solr Reference Guide: Investigate shortcut links to automatically version javadoc links
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2014 18:34:21 GMT


Steve Rowe commented on SOLR-5965:

I talked to pctony, gmcdonald and joes4 on the #asfinfra IRC channel -- TL;DR: they don't
want to give out confluence admin karma for this one feature; [~thetaphi] will remain a member
of confluence-admins group; gmcdonald is willing to help us maintain the Solr Ref Guide shortcut
links once per release, via an INFRA JIRA ticket; and joes4 says we can get versioned links
and PDF exports by switching Solr Reference Guide hosting from Confluence to the Apache CMS.

<sarowe> gmcdonald: I have a question about Confluence admin privileges - for the
         Solr Reference Guide, we want to use shortcut links, which require 
         confluence admin to create and maintain - see  for more details 
<sarowe> gmcdonald: Uwe Schindler, the Lucene PMC chair, currently is a member
         of confluence-admins (sp?) group, and so has the power to add others to that
         group.  Would you be okay with him adding Lucene PMC members to that
         group: myself and Chris Hostetter initially (and also adding/subtracting as
<pctony> sarowe: no
<pctony> sarowe: that group was culled recently.
<sarowe> pctony: i know
<pctony> we really do not like features that mean you need to be a system wide admin
<sarowe> pctony: by gmcdonald, who told me on March 25 on this channel "if you feel
         you need it back, happy to do so, but try space admin rights first"
<pctony> i might be more inclined to ask the PMC to stop using said feature
<sarowe> pctony: thanks, but we want to *start* using this feature to make maintainance
         tractable - we have a lot of links that we want to version
<pctony> sarowe: bah
<pctony> gmcdonald: we need to chat about this ^^
<gmcdonald> sarowe: hi
<sarowe> hi gmcdonald
<gmcdonald> sorry was outside
<sarowe> np
<gmcdonald> so example of links please ?
<sarowe> versioned javadocs links
<sarowe> per-release
<sarowe> we release the solr ref guide in tandem with solr releases
<sarowe> and want to have the right javadoc link for them
<sarowe> *goes to find an example javadoc link*
<gmcdonald> boggles the mind a global admin is needed for that
<sarowe> yes, it does
<sarowe> this should be possible per-space
<gmcdonald> you are a space admin right?
<sarowe> gmcdonald:
<sarowe> yes, I am a space admin
<sarowe> gmcdonald: the "4_7_2" part changes with each release, and the Solr
         Reference Guide is release with each minor release - we want to point to
         the correct versioned javadocs (and other versioned content)
<gmcdonald> sarowe: ever though of using 'current' 
<sarowe> yes, but users of older version of exported PDFs (which we distribute via
         the apache mirrors) would point to newer stuff than they should
<pctony> sarowe: do what httpd do
<pctony> make /current a symlink to /$latest-version
<joes4> why not use the cms extpaths.txt support for this
<sarowe> pctony: see my response about exported pdfs above
<sarowe> joes4: if you're talking to me, then the answer is we already do use extpaths.txt
         for versioned content
<joes4> then what do you need the wiki for again?
<sarowe> joes4: the versioned content managed via extpaths.txt is javadocs; the versioned
         content managed by releasing PDF exports from Confluence is a user guide - does
         that answer your question?
<joes4> so the pdf's link to the website?
<sarowe> joes4: yes
<joes4> i still don't see a problem with versioning things properly. don't you want
         version numbers to match up?
<sarowe> joes4: yes! that's exactly what I'm after.  Confluence shortcut links make
         maintenance of links much more tractable - change a version number in the
         shortcut link and boom, they're all pointing to the correctly versioned location
<joes4> you can do that with the cms too if you want
<joes4> see the thrift site for examples
<sarowe> joes4: can you say more words about how that would work to link from
         a per-release exported PDF from Confluence?
<joes4> i'm saying you could manage the pdf stuff from the cms instead of confluence
<joes4> whatever features that keep you using confluence are emulatable with the cms
<sarowe> joes4: Um, okay, I don't think that's going to happen short or even
         medium term - the effort involved would be fairly large, and the benefit fairly small
<gmcdonald> they use confluence to produce the pdfs in the 1st place I expect
<joes4> and the good news is that there are some conversion utilities for that
<joes4> well for us it avoids this whole admin karma discussion that you want to have
<joes4> given the choice between supporting your use case for admin karma and
         asking you to migrate to a better system, all we can do is ask
<gmcdonald> sarowe: I'd be happy in this instance to provide the links for you if you
         raise a infdra ticket at release time
<sarowe> gmcdonald: Uwe Schindler, the Lucene PMC chair, currently is a member of
         the confluence-admins group, and has already created the two shortcut links we
         want - my questions here are about future maintenance, since you may throw him
         off with zero notice (see recent history for an example)
<gmcdonald> sarowe: no I left him in on purpose, having done some confluence admin
         work , like plugin stuf etc, so he wont be leaving that group
<sarowe> gmcdonald: oh, okay, that's useful info
<sarowe> gmdonald: and thanks for the offer to maintain the shortcut links for us, if
         comes to that
<sarowe> gmcdonald: ^
<gmcdonald> np, happy to

> Solr Reference Guide: Investigate shortcut links to automatically version javadoc links
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: SOLR-5965
>                 URL:
>             Project: Solr
>          Issue Type: Improvement
>          Components: documentation
>            Reporter: Steve Rowe
>            Priority: Minor
> Confluence has a feature called "Shortcut links", that allow link prefixes (or infixes
or suffixes) to be specified in short form.
> I think this feature could be used to version javadoc links so that we have two shortcuts,
one for the latest Solr javadocs and another for the latest Lucene javadocs, and then all
javadoc links are specified relative to these shortcuts.
> See [].
> Two problems, both minor I think:
> # Creating and maintaining shortcut links requires Confluence Admin privileges, but Apache
Infrastructure has taken these away from just about everybody.  When I last chatted on #asfinfra
with gmcdonald (who took away the privileges), though, he was okay with giving this back Confluence
Admin privileges if we found that it was necessary.
> # There is an open bug with editing shortcut-form links - it doesn't work - you have
to remove them and then re-add them: []

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