it indeed does need a bit work. your mail reminded me of your last mail and the collections api :~

especially regarding the whole cloud thing i’m having a hard time, since i’m not really using cloud - not even playing around with it. so i have a vague idea on how it might work for people .. but that isn’t probably enough to start working on it.

if we could have a short chat about it .. i guess that would help :) otherwise i’ll try to read about the current features, namings & relations to get it sorted it.

just for the record, i’ve talked with mark at LSR in Dublin last year a bit about some helpful cloud-stuff, which he wrote down in SOLR-5599 - a bit basic perhaps, but might help as well.


On Monday, May 12, 2014 at 6:58 PM, Erick Erickson wrote:

The admin UI (and kudos to _everyone_ who made the new version) could
use more "cloud awareness". There are cluster-wide operations and
individual node operations, they're intermixed at this point. Plus, we
make people switch between a UI and the command-line to accomplish
what they need to.

How can we restructure them? And should we?

Straw-man proposal follows. NOTE: I have no real attachment to this
layout, just looking to generate a discussion!

split the cluster-wide operations and node-specific stuff into two pages (how to navigate?) The rest of the points are really for the cloud-specific page

add a collections API interface, similar to the core admin bits. creating collections, adding nodes, all that stuff.

querying should be do-able on a collection basis rather than after you've selected a node on a particular machine

showing all the nodes on the system, even ones that don't host current shards would be great

super, especially wonderful would be a way to select a node and add a replica right there for a particular shard, with drop-down lists showing available collections, available shards and even suggesting a name for it and all that kind of thing.

ditto with creating new collections. A drop-down listing the available configs would be very cool

some UI way to upload a config set. How would we keep security issues around allowing file uploads from being a problem?


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