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Subject [JENKINS] Lucene-trunk-Linux-Java7-64-test-only - Build # 86708 - Failure!
Date Sun, 01 Jun 2014 21:31:31 GMT

2 tests failed.

Error Message:
Suite timeout exceeded (>= 7200000 msec).

Stack Trace:
java.lang.Exception: Suite timeout exceeded (>= 7200000 msec).
	at __randomizedtesting.SeedInfo.seed([623CD77966D3A70E]:0)

REGRESSION:  org.apache.lucene.index.TestIndexWriter.testTwoThreadsInterruptDeadlock

Error Message:
Test abandoned because suite timeout was reached.

Stack Trace:
java.lang.Exception: Test abandoned because suite timeout was reached.
	at __randomizedtesting.SeedInfo.seed([623CD77966D3A70E]:0)

Build Log:
[...truncated 1574 lines...]
   [junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestIndexWriter
   [junit4]   2> NOTE: reproduce with: ant test  -Dtestcase=TestIndexWriter -Dtests.method=testTwoThreadsInterruptDeadlock
-Dtests.seed=623CD77966D3A70E -Dtests.slow=true -Dtests.locale=ro_RO -Dtests.timezone=America/Indiana/Vevay
   [junit4] ERROR   7189s J0 | TestIndexWriter.testTwoThreadsInterruptDeadlock <<<
   [junit4]    > Throwable #1: java.lang.Exception: Test abandoned because suite timeout
was reached.
   [junit4]    > 	at __randomizedtesting.SeedInfo.seed([623CD77966D3A70E]:0)
   [junit4]   2> NOTE: leaving temporary files on disk at: /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/Lucene-trunk-Linux-Java7-64-test-only/checkout/lucene/build/core/test/J0/./temp/lucene.index.TestIndexWriter-623CD77966D3A70E-001
   [junit4]   2> NOTE: test params are: codec=Lucene41, sim=RandomSimilarityProvider(queryNorm=true,coord=crazy):
{e8=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), f93=DFR I(n)B2, a6=DFR GL1, d60=DFR GL2, b64=IB SPL-L2, b63=DFR I(ne)1,
f9=DFR GLZ(0.3), d78=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), f34=IB LL-D1, e87=IB SPL-D1, a69=DFR I(ne)3(800.0),
e66=IB LL-DZ(0.3), a31=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), a63=IB SPL-D2, f47=DFR G1, d27=DFR I(F)2, b78=IB
LL-D1, d72=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3), c56=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), a94=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000),
d66=DFR I(n)LZ(0.3), f38=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), f78=DFR GLZ(0.3), c70=IB SPL-D3(800.0), c30=LM
Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), b60=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), e12=IB LL-D2, b84=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), f25=DFR
I(n)1, d62=IB LL-L3(800.0), b79=DFR I(F)L3(800.0), c43=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), field=DFR GL2,
e32=DFR I(ne)B2, a77=DFR I(F)2, d89=IB SPL-L1, e83=DFR I(n)LZ(0.3), e27=DFR I(F)3(800.0),
e86=DFR GB1, b2=DFR I(ne)B2, f44=IB SPL-D2, f68=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), c98=IB LL-D3(800.0), f56=DFR
I(F)B3(800.0), content1=DFR GL3(800.0), d37=IB SPL-L3(800.0), f37=IB LL-D2, b33=DFR G2, b41=LM
Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000), b42=DFR I(ne)3(800.0), f11=IB LL-D2, d92=DFR I(ne)L2, e17=DefaultSimilarity,
f64=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), e44=DFR I(F)2, a53=IB LL-D1, f57=DFR I(ne)B2, a91=DFR I(n)B3(800.0),
f39=DFR G3(800.0), a9=IB LL-L1, b98=IB LL-DZ(0.3), d50=DFR I(n)L1, c88=DFR I(n)L1, f69=DFR
I(F)2, c86=DFR GBZ(0.3), c13=DFR I(F)B2, a87=IB SPL-L3(800.0), a50=DFR I(ne)B2, b7=IB LL-L2,
a56=IB LL-D2, d15=DFR I(ne)B2, d12=DFR I(F)B2, f13=DFR G3(800.0), e6=IB LL-DZ(0.3), a64=DFR
I(ne)1, a80=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), d26=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), str2=DFR GL1, c=DefaultSimilarity, b54=IB
LL-L2, d31=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), a10=IB SPL-D3(800.0), d51=DFR I(n)B2, a66=DFR G1, b12=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3),
a39=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3), b6=DFR I(F)L3(800.0), d28=IB SPL-D2, b35=IB SPL-D3(800.0), f88=DFR GB3(800.0),
d47=DFR I(n)2, e72=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), e46=DFR I(ne)1, b95=DFR I(F)B1, f83=DFR I(n)B3(800.0),
b25=DFR GBZ(0.3), b52=IB LL-D1, e67=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), f80=DFR I(F)1, c31=DFR I(n)L3(800.0),
a28=DFR I(n)L1, a36=IB SPL-D3(800.0), e64=DFR I(n)2, f28=DFR I(ne)B1, a48=DFR I(n)B1, f18=DFR
GL1, f8=DFR I(F)B1, d45=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), b69=DFR I(n)1, c18=DFR I(F)Z(0.3), c20=DFR I(n)L3(800.0),
a93=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3), d86=DFR GL2, b90=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), c34=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), a8=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3),
a52=DFR I(F)Z(0.3), d56=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), b30=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), b40=DFR I(F)L1, a70=DFR I(F)B1,
a73=DFR I(F)B2, d88=IB LL-L3(800.0), d46=DFR GB3(800.0), b87=DFR I(F)2, d75=DFR I(F)1, a14=IB
LL-L1, d42=DFR GZ(0.3), c60=DFR GBZ(0.3), f42=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), f97=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000),
id=DFR I(n)2, c48=DFR GLZ(0.3), f15=DFR G2, c7=IB SPL-L2, a43=DFR I(ne)3(800.0), e10=DFR I(F)L3(800.0),
e59=DFR I(ne)2, d96=DFR GL1, d34=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75), b76=DFR I(ne)2, a67=DFR I(F)L1, a62=DFR
I(F)2, c79=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), a47=DFR I(ne)B1, e15=DFR I(ne)L2, a13=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3), b20=DFR
I(ne)B1, c45=IB SPL-D1, e70=DFR I(ne)L1, c67=DFR I(n)LZ(0.3), d71=IB LL-D3(800.0), c73=DFR
I(F)BZ(0.3), d39=IB LL-LZ(0.3), d59=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), d7=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), f33=DFR I(F)Z(0.3),
c11=DFR GLZ(0.3), string=DFR I(n)1, a18=DFR I(n)B2, e2=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), b97=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0),
d16=DFR I(ne)2, a30=IB LL-D2, d8=DFR I(ne)B2, c94=DFR G2, f72=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), a12=IB LL-D3(800.0),
d3=DFR GLZ(0.3), e91=DFR I(F)L2, e71=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), str=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), e63=DFR GB3(800.0),
d63=IB SPL-L1, c19=IB LL-D1, c65=DFR I(ne)L1, a98=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), e98=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000),
e53=DFR GLZ(0.3), b22=DFR GL3(800.0), c8=DFR G1, a32=DFR G3(800.0), d29=DFR I(ne)1, e69=DFR
I(ne)LZ(0.3), f63=DFR I(n)2, a29=IB LL-L3(800.0), e43=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), f79=IB SPL-L3(800.0),
b70=DFR GLZ(0.3), f31=DFR I(ne)B2, b44=DFR I(F)3(800.0), d70=DFR GL1, b26=DFR GL2, a3=DFR
G2, d57=DFR GB3(800.0), e68=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), e9=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), c15=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), d25=IB
SPL-LZ(0.3), d24=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), e28=DFR I(n)3(800.0), e58=DFR I(ne)B2, c50=DFR I(F)1, a0=DFR
I(ne)BZ(0.3), e76=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), c28=DFR I(F)2, d36=DFR GLZ(0.3), f92=DFR I(n)L1, d93=DFR
G2, c91=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), a75=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), f49=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000), a41=DFR
I(F)L1, b9=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), c75=DFR I(F)L2, f51=DFR I(F)B1, f32=DFR I(ne)2, e89=DFR I(F)B1,
e80=IB SPL-L1, d87=DFR I(n)L1, a82=DFR GB1, c14=IB LL-LZ(0.3), b65=DFR G1, tvtest=DFR GL3(800.0),
b10=DFR GL1, d22=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), e96=DFR GZ(0.3), e13=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), a54=DFR I(F)L3(800.0),
c90=IB LL-D2, f27=DFR I(n)3(800.0), e81=DFR I(ne)L1, d65=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), a24=DFR GB2, f58=DFR
I(ne)2, a99=IB LL-DZ(0.3), c80=DFR I(n)3(800.0), f60=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), f71=DFR
I(n)LZ(0.3), d69=DFR GB1, e29=DFR I(ne)B1, b75=DFR I(ne)B2, d9=DFR I(ne)2, b57=DFR G3(800.0),
a27=DFR GL2, d18=IB LL-D1, f6=IB SPL-D1, c5=IB SPL-D2, e85=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), a74=IB LL-LZ(0.3),
c89=IB LL-L3(800.0), myfield=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), c41=DFR I(n)LZ(0.3), b66=DFR I(F)L1, d54=DFR
I(F)LZ(0.3), b39=IB LL-L1, e25=DFR I(ne)3(800.0), a42=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000), c54=DFR
GZ(0.3), e38=IB LL-D2, b48=DFR GL3(800.0), f5=DFR GB1, f40=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), b61=DFR I(F)2,
b59=DFR G2, d61=DFR I(n)L1, d68=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), b29=IB SPL-L1, c23=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0),
e18=IB SPL-D3(800.0), d13=IB LL-LZ(0.3), d98=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3), c96=IB SPL-D3(800.0), b73=IB
LL-LZ(0.3), a71=DFR GLZ(0.3), e36=DFR I(F)L3(800.0), b80=DFR GB3(800.0), a49=DFR GL3(800.0),
c97=DFR GL1, a=DFR I(ne)L2, d99=IB LL-L1, c17=DFR I(ne)2, b72=DFR I(F)B2, e51=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75),
b58=DFR I(ne)L2, e60=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3), b50=DFR I(ne)2, d95=IB SPL-D3(800.0), f94=DFR I(n)B3(800.0),
b15=DFR I(F)1, b8=IB LL-D2, f53=IB SPL-L3(800.0), f95=DFR GZ(0.3), e16=DFR G2, b4=DFR I(F)Z(0.3),
c10=DFR I(F)B1, e39=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), c42=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), e94=DFR I(n)B2, a90=DFR I(n)B2,
e22=DFR G1, d20=DFR GB3(800.0), f24=DFR I(ne)3(800.0), f81=DFR I(n)L2, c71=DFR GL1, c72=IB
LL-D3(800.0), a46=DFR I(n)3(800.0), f62=DFR GB3(800.0), b74=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), c25=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3),
e4=DFR I(n)2, d5=DFR I(F)B2, b36=DFR GL1, b92=DFR GB1, f85=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3), f75=IB SPL-D1,
d19=DFR I(F)L3(800.0), f2=DFR I(n)LZ(0.3), e48=DFR G1, c74=IB LL-L1, c77=DFR I(n)L2, foo=DFR
I(ne)L1, b89=DFR I(ne)1, b24=DFR I(n)Z(0.3), content4=DFR GB2, d2=DFR I(F)B1, e42=IB SPL-LZ(0.3),
c82=DFR I(n)B1, f59=DFR I(F)Z(0.3), c95=DefaultSimilarity, f21=DFR G1, e41=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3),
e47=IB SPL-L2, f98=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), c0=IB LL-DZ(0.3), a55=IB LL-L2, f74=DFR GB1, a78=IB
SPL-D2, d1=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75), b93=IB SPL-D1, c38=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), f48=DFR I(F)L1, e61=LM
Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), a26=DFR GBZ(0.3), d17=DFR I(F)Z(0.3), c35=IB LL-DZ(0.3), e73=DFR
I(n)L3(800.0), f14=DFR I(ne)L2, d76=DFR I(n)L2, d83=DFR GB2, a17=DFR I(n)L2, b56=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3),
d80=DFR I(ne)B1, e11=IB LL-L2, b14=DFR I(F)L2, d32=DFR GB1, a97=DFR I(n)2, b28=IB LL-L3(800.0),
c58=DFR GB3(800.0), d40=DFR I(n)B2, c2=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), a7=IB LL-D3(800.0), c63=IB LL-L3(800.0),
e75=DFR I(n)2, b62=IB SPL-D2, d79=DFR GZ(0.3), e21=IB SPL-L2, f86=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000),
c32=DFR GB3(800.0), d14=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), d30=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), e33=DFR I(ne)2, f23=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000),
a81=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), f1=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), a95=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), b0=IB LL-LZ(0.3), c99=DFR
I(F)BZ(0.3), b91=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), a68=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000), e3=DFR GB3(800.0), d6=IB
LL-LZ(0.3), c76=DFR I(F)1, binary=DFR I(n)B1, f84=DFR GZ(0.3), b46=DFR I(ne)B1, c37=IB SPL-LZ(0.3),
d58=DFR I(n)2, f87=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), a35=DefaultSimilarity, b99=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), c81=DFR
I(ne)B1, d77=DFR I(n)B2, d94=DefaultSimilarity, a85=DFR I(F)B1, a21=DFR I(ne)B1, c78=DFR I(n)B2,
a45=DFR I(F)3(800.0), c3=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), f4=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0), a19=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), f3=IB
SPL-DZ(0.3), a34=DFR G2, f66=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), a20=DFR I(n)3(800.0), c9=DFR I(F)L1, e54=IB
SPL-L3(800.0), f82=DFR I(n)B2, b32=DFR I(ne)L2, c61=DFR GL2, c93=DFR I(ne)L2, e88=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75),
b86=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), c85=DFR I(n)Z(0.3), f96=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3), c87=DFR GL2, a2=DFR I(ne)L2,
e74=DFR GB3(800.0), f91=DFR GL2, a25=DFR I(n)Z(0.3), e20=DFR I(ne)1, c39=DFR I(F)2, e84=IB
SPL-DZ(0.3), f65=IB LL-DZ(0.3), b23=DFR GB2, e31=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), b47=DFR I(n)B1, f89=DFR
I(n)2, a65=IB SPL-L2, e62=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), c46=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75), a1=DFR G3(800.0), d38=DFR
I(F)B2, c66=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), c83=DFR GL3(800.0), a83=IB SPL-D1, c26=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), b94=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75),
c59=DFR I(n)2, c64=IB SPL-L1, d41=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), a92=DFR GZ(0.3), a44=DFR I(n)1, d55=LM
Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), b11=IB LL-D3(800.0), e14=DFR G3(800.0), a57=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), e78=DFR
I(n)BZ(0.3), a15=DFR I(F)L2, a58=DFR G3(800.0), d23=IB LL-DZ(0.3), d35=DFR I(F)B1, e19=DFR
GL1, a88=DFR I(F)B2, c21=DFR GB3(800.0), f41=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), e55=DFR I(F)B2, b53=DFR I(F)L3(800.0),
f70=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), c6=DFR I(ne)1, b49=DFR GB2, f17=IB SPL-D3(800.0), a60=IB SPL-LZ(0.3),
a96=DFR GB3(800.0), e5=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), f67=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), c92=DFR G3(800.0), c1=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3),
c47=DFR I(F)B1, b55=IB LL-D2, c84=DFR GB2, d90=DFR I(ne)BZ(0.3), d74=DFR I(F)L2, f30=DFR I(F)B3(800.0),
e35=IB LL-D1, b37=IB LL-D3(800.0), f61=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), b45=DFR I(n)3(800.0), b51=DFR I(F)Z(0.3),
a86=DFR GLZ(0.3), a72=IB SPL-L3(800.0), e7=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), b21=DFR I(n)B1, c4=DFR I(F)2,
f45=DFR I(ne)1, f26=DFR I(F)3(800.0), b96=DFR GLZ(0.3), d84=DFR I(n)Z(0.3), d21=DFR I(n)2,
a59=DFR I(ne)L2, e37=IB LL-L2, c51=DFR I(n)L2, b19=DFR GZ(0.3), b27=DFR I(n)L1, f73=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0),
c22=DFR I(n)2, e93=DFR I(n)L2, a61=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), c57=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), d0=IB SPL-D1,
content=IB SPL-L1, d85=DFR GBZ(0.3), e99=DFR I(n)L3(800.0), c68=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), c16=DFR I(ne)B2,
e34=DFR I(F)Z(0.3), a89=IB LL-LZ(0.3), b68=DFR I(ne)3(800.0), d91=DFR G3(800.0), f36=IB LL-L2,
f35=DFR I(F)L3(800.0), c44=DFR GB1, c24=IB LL-DZ(0.3), b81=DFR I(n)2, c69=DFR I(ne)L3(800.0),
b88=IB SPL-D2, b1=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), a11=DFR GL1, e40=IB LL-DZ(0.3), e95=DFR I(n)B3(800.0),
body=DFR G2, a79=DFR I(ne)1, e56=IB LL-LZ(0.3), d48=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), f0=DFR I(ne)L1, d49=IB
LL-DZ(0.3), a51=DFR I(ne)2, b71=IB SPL-L3(800.0), b85=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), a84=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75),
d44=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), b83=IB LL-DZ(0.3), b18=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), e52=DFR I(F)B1,
d11=IB SPL-L3(800.0), content5=DFR I(F)3(800.0), d64=DFR I(ne)L1, a16=DFR I(F)1, d43=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3),
b77=DFR I(F)Z(0.3), b17=DFR I(n)B2, e79=IB SPL-LZ(0.3), b16=DFR I(n)L2, d33=IB SPL-D1, a22=DFR
I(n)B1, a4=DefaultSimilarity, c49=IB SPL-L3(800.0), c27=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), b38=DFR I(F)BZ(0.3),
d10=DFR GLZ(0.3), b13=IB LL-L1, d82=DFR GL3(800.0), d81=DFR I(n)B1, e77=IB LL-DZ(0.3), e90=IB
LL-L1, f22=DFR I(F)L1, e30=IB LL-LZ(0.3), e50=IB SPL-D1, f55=IB LL-LZ(0.3), b5=IB LL-D1, f76=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75),
e24=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000), a38=IB LL-D3(800.0), a5=IB SPL-D3(800.0), f19=IB LL-D3(800.0),
f29=DFR I(n)B1, c33=DFR I(n)2, c36=DFR I(n)BZ(0.3), f7=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75), a37=DFR GL1, f52=DFR
GLZ(0.3), e26=DFR I(n)1, c53=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), c29=IB SPL-D2, e82=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), f12=DFR
I(ne)BZ(0.3), a76=DFR I(ne)LZ(0.3), b43=DFR I(n)1, f16=DefaultSimilarity, f43=DFR I(F)2, c52=DFR
I(n)B2, c62=DFR I(n)L1, d53=DFR GZ(0.3), b67=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.100000), content3=DFR I(ne)B1,
d52=DFR I(n)B3(800.0), d67=IB SPL-DZ(0.3), f90=DFR GBZ(0.3), e0=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3), b3=DFR I(ne)2,
e97=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3), c12=IB SPL-L3(800.0), f10=IB LL-L2, a23=DFR GL3(800.0), f77=DFR I(F)B1,
e65=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), e1=LM Jelinek-Mercer(0.700000), f54=DFR I(F)B2, e23=DFR I(F)L1, a33=DFR
I(ne)L2, =DFR I(n)Z(0.3), e57=DFR I(F)B3(800.0), e45=IB SPL-D2, b31=DFR G3(800.0), f20=IB
SPL-L2, f99=DFR GB3(800.0), d4=IB SPL-L3(800.0), a40=DFR G1, b34=DefaultSimilarity, f46=IB
SPL-L2, b82=DFR I(ne)B3(800.0), d73=IB LL-L1, d97=IB LL-D3(800.0), e92=DFR I(F)1, e49=DFR
I(F)L1, c40=DFR I(ne)Z(0.3), f50=BM25(k1=1.2,b=0.75), c55=DFR I(F)LZ(0.3)}, locale=ro_RO,
   [junit4]   2> NOTE: Linux 3.2.0-26-generic amd64/Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_55 (64-bit)/cpus=8,threads=2,free=147409952,total=246939648
   [junit4]   2> NOTE: All tests run in this JVM: [Test2BDocs, TestSimilarity2, TestLucene41StoredFieldsFormat,
TestDateSort, TestAllFilesHaveChecksumFooter, Nested1, Nested2, Nested3, TestGroupFiltering,
TestMatchAllDocsQuery, TestLazyProxSkipping, TestTermVectors, TestLogMergePolicy, TestSortedSetSelector,
TestSameScoresWithThreads, Test2BPositions, TestIntBlockPool, TestSearchWithThreads, TestBackwardsCompatibility,
TestNRTReaderWithThreads, TestDocValuesIndexing, TestRegexpRandom2, TestAssertions, TestLucene40DocValuesFormat,
TestMaxTermFrequency, TestIndexWriter]
   [junit4]   2> NOTE: reproduce with: ant test  -Dtestcase=TestIndexWriter -Dtests.seed=623CD77966D3A70E
-Dtests.slow=true -Dtests.locale=ro_RO -Dtests.timezone=America/Indiana/Vevay -Dtests.file.encoding=UTF-8
   [junit4] ERROR   0.00s J0 | TestIndexWriter (suite) <<<
   [junit4]    > Throwable #1: java.lang.Exception: Suite timeout exceeded (>= 7200000
   [junit4]    > 	at __randomizedtesting.SeedInfo.seed([623CD77966D3A70E]:0)
   [junit4] Completed on J0 in 7222.71s, 35 tests, 2 errors <<< FAILURES!

[...truncated 17 lines...]
The following error occurred while executing this line:
The following error occurred while executing this line:
There were test failures: 393 suites, 3032 tests, 1 suite-level error, 1 error, 84 ignored
(74 assumptions)

Total time: 127 minutes 31 seconds
Build step 'Invoke Ant' marked build as failure
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